What's your Magnitude of Mission?

How it works

We position people to thrive! We make companies more profitable by enabling them to maximize their top level players for leadership. We can do this for any industry, in any company! The idea for this was born out of a desire to help leaders amplify their passion for impact in all...

Titles and Positions, by former therapist Travis Waits

Former therapist Travis Waits shares about false allegations Through my professional journey I have held many titles: first as a pastor, then a licensed professional counselor, and finally as a licensed marriage & family therapist. For a time I allowed these titles to cloud...

Church as a Spiritual Hospital – Original post

I had a friend send me the following quote the other day:
“People never really change very deeply until someone catches them in their shame and is not appalled. Out of this place where we have been loved in our shame, we come to know that we are worthy of love” This hits a button...

How church leaders need to experience change

Experiencing Change To become disciples that God desires — who think and act like Jesus — we must be whole. The process of becoming whole, or sanctified, is ongoing, this side of heaven. God is never finished with us, but how much we want to become like Him is our choice....

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