What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Common traits of the professionals I work with:

  • Travis Waits Coaching in the Perl DistrictYou’ve hit what is known as the plateau of progress
  • You have a personal energy crisis, or your “wall,” trying to meet the complexity levels.
  • You want to get to all the things that are so important to you, but you can’t seem to; you’re outnumbered with a demand beyond your capacity.
  • You’re blocked by a life full of stuff, competing priorities, and a whirlwind of distractions, leading to a sense of powerlessness, confusion, and frustration.
  • And there’s enormous tension developing between your personal and professional lives. You’re beginning to run on empty and apologizing for neglect.
  • You feel a loss of control and perspective. Lacking clarity has made you resistant to change, even scared.

To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

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How It Works

  • Complete the online form, we’ll set up a routine call time together after selecting one of our authenticity coaching, business strategy, or professional development fee plans.
  • You’ll first be assessed in your performance relevant strengths and weaknesses. We’re going to see how well you can focus under pressure, learn where you tend to make mistakes so we can coach you properly, and help you become self-aware to avoid situations that cause you stress.
  • As you move forward with your coaching, you’ll sense more accountability, structure, motivation, confidence, piercing clarity, aliveness and alertness.
  • Other people in your life will begin noticing your growth, improving your relationships.

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