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Authenticity Training

Authenticity training is aimed to help high level leaders be more effective in their personal, professional, and financial lives. Leadership is about influence, not power. Too many today try to leverage their position of leadership by exerting their power, and the results are counterproductive. Disengaged employees, aloof kids, feelings of burnout and exhaustion for the leader. From the boardroom to the baseball field, our culture is experiencing the demand that leaders use their influence in more authentic ways. In this course, founder of Amplified Success, Travis Waits, will you will learn 5 basic traits of authentic leadership, and how to implement these tactically in your leadership style for results today.


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Navigating Conflict is your Business

Conflict management & navigation is so critical for organizations and companies to operate at their peak effectiveness. Without a clear strategy, productivity will decrease and organizational culture becomes toxic. Through the process of executive coaching, decision makers who drive the company and organization can tactically navigate conflicts so that they actually produce a higher ROI for the benefit of all involved. This (4) part course on conflict navigation & resolution will cover key skills to identify, diffuse, resolve conflicts. As well as equip the learner with key strategies to understand why conflicts occur, and how to manage them constructively in the future.

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