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CG3 is a revolutionary system offering invaluable insight into your people, helping you reach unmatched engagement and productivity. Our solutions are built upon three strategic components, which together equip you to manage, lead, and make your own decisions with objective precision.

It’s no longer enough for companies to accept 20% of their people producing 80% of the output. Today it’s necessary to defy traditionally believed limitations and create an environment where the majority are highly engaged in their roles and perform at the same level as the current top performers.

orangepuzzleThis is the new competitive advantage

Our revolutionary CG3 solution equips your company to be able to ensure the Right People, are in the Right Place, and with the Right Expectations.

Right People

Our technology allows you to go beyond assumptions and accurately see where the core motivational drivers of your people match with positions. This incredible insight gives clarity to understand where to adjust roles, manage to strengths, improve leadership approach, and ensure’s to only add top performers.

Right Place

We benchmark every position so that you can see where your current people will perform the best. This yields immediate productivity & engagement increases affecting the bottom line. You can also see clearly which incoming applicants match their positions ensuring greater accuracy placing the right people in the right roles.

Right Expectations

Our process includes creating a new job description starting with the primary contribution, real justification for why the position is needed in terms of ROI and accurate description of the work they will be actually doing. In this way management has a clear picture and from the beginning can deliver clear expectations to their employees.

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Our CG3 solutions have proven to be accurate and effective in equipping hiring managers with the ability to create high performing teams.

Built on distinct but objective technologies, our approach is both powerful and accurate, achieving the highest level of ROI found in business today.


How does it work?

girldrawingr3First, we start with a simple but powerful assessment. Our assessment is extremely accurate at measuring the unchanging innate motivational drivers of a person. This is different than other assessments which capture only behavior and adapted personality.

Next, we work with you to objectively build a new understanding of the position(s) role, right down to the task by task level, and determine specific contributions this position will offer the company.

Finally using our proven approach to quantifying performance, we create a new custom Benchmark for each position in your company.

Now you can see a true and accurate view of the human energy inside your organization and compare it to any position. It’s a real-time audit of how well your people are placed in their roles.

Once in place, there are three primary areas where our CG3 delivers revolutionary insight:

orangemanpieceCurrent Employees
“Incredible insights to ignite new engagement and productivity.”
Precise awareness of the motivational drivers of your people; to discover job alignment, strategize succession planning, and prevent the “peter principle.” Gives you objective insight into managing to the strengths and supporting the weaknesses of your people.

Recruiting awareness
“Don’t waste peoples lives & hurt morale with wrong hires.”
Save time and money by only interviewing applicants with innate strengths that match the needs for high performance in the position. This ensures your company only hire’s top performers.

Merger & Acquisitions
“Real-time placement audit”
You can validate from a distance the strengths and weaknesses in human capital bringing heightened wisdom to decision making and valuable insight into optimizing the organization during critical transitions.

Our unique business model encourages proactive leadership, because we leverage a team of experts who are there when you want them, to further support and reinforce ongoing implementation.

Strategic Implementation Plan

“Clarity, Strategy, Execution”

No two businesses are the same, at Choose Growth we understand how important it is to design solutions and services that actually match your needs. Our catered processes ensure that implementation happens quickly and effectively, always tailored to the your specific needs.

Team Optimization



“Breakthrough in personal and team understanding.”

The entire team is equipped with new understanding in how to optimize themselves for personal effectiveness, new levels of productivity in their roles, and in communication with each other.One day “team-based” interactive session which gives each person incredible new insight into themselves, as well as each person on the team.

Trusted Advisors

“Empowering leaders to thrive”

Our mission is to equip your company with what you need to keep a consistent proactive effort on optimizing your teams. We built our fee structure in a way that makes it “hard not to try us and easy to keep us forever.”

Set up is very simple, you will see immediate returns.

Travis Waits R3 Graph Colorado

We believe the moment a business stops focusing on their people, is the moment in which the path to future growth is jeopardized.

By equipping your company with the right tools, systems, and resources, a new level of productivity, engagement and revenue growth can be achieved.

It’s no longer an option to ensure you have the righ people doing the right work. It’s becoming necessary to thrive in today’s marketplace.

It’s our mission to further enable your leaders to be the experts in putting this new level of attention on ensuring they have the right people, in the right place, and with the right expectations.


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