What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Travis Waits empowers leaders to be more authentic, leveraging their courage through the following processes:

Professional Leadership Development Coaching


For most leaders, having an objective advisor that will help them as a confidential sounding board is critical to their success. What is unique about the coaching process with Travis Waits, is how he ensures that all coaching outcomes are in alignment with the core of ‘who’ the leader is, not just ‘what’ they do in their role.

If you don’t have time to travel, but do have the dedication to grow yourself professionally, then Virtual Coaching may be for you. Click here to check out options that could work best for you.



Executive Leadership Team Optimization


Our Executive Team Optimization provides an assessment of the strength and balance of your current leadership team. We facilitate a review of past performance relative to goals and objectives for the company and for each person over the past few years. Then we help the team to clarify

Optimize your executive team’s clarity, focus, and results. Your executive team must determine the organization’s direction … and the specific path to take. But first, with the help of executive team coaching, your team must attain Strategic Alignment. Imagine the creative energy and output when your executive team becomes clear, focused, and aligned around what is most important to accomplish.current strategies for company development for the future, specifying the new challenges, different nature of individual assignments and the core values nature of each executive.


Personal “Brand” Coaching

You are ready to take this next step if you are here: 

Game-changing entrepreneurs, coaches, ministry leaders, and public figures who have an important message and a brand they love but struggle with communicating it through social media, committing 100% to sharing it with the world in a big way, and want to stand out from the growing crowd of online entrepreneurs.  Are you willing to step out of the box, move ahead, and play full out in promoting the most exciting brand you can?  I hope so because YOU ARE YOUR BRAND!  Be it, show it, scream it LOUD AND PROUD!  There only is one YOU!


  1. Where are you most afraid to be visible?
  2. What would improve your confidence to be able to shamelessly self-promote?
  3. Do YOU have a clear mission and a message you need to get out in a bigger bolder way?
  4. How committed are YOU to delivering your message and living your purpose?
  5. Do YOU desire to be the spokesmodel for your brand- producing and promoting eye-grabbing videos, photos,  & media content?
  6. How prepared are YOU to invest in yourself to make this happen?




Travis Waits delivers authentic engaging messages that have a deep and lasting impact, speaking to leadership teams, large groups and organizations. Companies that are serious about improving their productivity, retaining the right players, and empowering their people want more. They want a message that gets to the core of their people and creates productive change, that is authentic. Travis Waits, founder of Amplified Success, offers high value speaking to organizations, teams, and leaders who leadothers. We believe effective speaking only exists if it truly impacts the audience in a way that moves them to think, change and create new action. Itʼs not just about a message that entertains the group and sounds cool. 

Travis Waits Coaching in the Perl District


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