What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Identifying leadership blind spots by Travis Waits

Every leader faces the challenge of identifying their blind spots in order to strengthen their impact, authenticity, and effectiveness. When leaders disregard self examination, and constructive feedback of others, the stunt the growth of their team. Please share my video:...

Are you sure you’re authentic?

In the wake of the leadership void that exists in every area of our society, people are craving leadership that calls them to a mission greater than themselves, and infuses them with the courage to ‘take the hill’ regardless of the gusts of oppositional wind in their...

How to speak your truth authentically, by Travis Waits

Speaking your truth in an authentic way is an increasingly rare trait today in leadership. What you see is not always what you get. Leadership is about influence and many in the position of leadership are wasting their impact because they are not authentic. No one is buying what...

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