What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Leveraging Positive Disruption in Leadership by Travis Waits

Differentiation is the key to your Authentic Leadership, by Travis Waits Your ability to make profound impact as a leader is contingent on your ability to differentiate. What that means is that from an authentic stance, you are who you are, and what-we-see-is-what-we-get. There...

Leading with vision to make an impact by Travis Waits

Leaders who have conviction about their vision are more likely to be successful at making the impact they are called to make. This is how you as a leader, fulfill your magnitude of mission. Travis Waits explains why holding to your leadership vision is crucial for growth. The old...
Co-opetition frees us to empower one another

How to Compete for Your Target Clients Leveraging Co-opetition, by Travis Waits

How to Compete for Your Target¬†Clients leveraging Co-opetition Co-opetition is the basic concept behind the “all tides rise all boats”¬†mantra that if we link arms together, we will have a more profound impact than what either of us could have individually...

Why You’re NOT that different! Differentiation in Leadership by Travis Waits

So many people say they are differentiated from their competition. It really is one of those buzz words that’s losing it’s value. How do you know your leadership and business strategy or your deliverables to clients are really that different from the next website out...

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