What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Growing through the struggle: tips for leadership in marriage by Jaime Waits

Great post from my wife, Jaime Waits. Some highlights from a talk we gave together the other day to a group of couples. Leadership can be a struggle and strain on your relationship. The most authentic leaders have done courageous work through their own process. Here are some...

Authenticity versus the Armor of Leadership by Travis Waits

When leaders are called to make an impact, often one of the occupational hazards of their position is the insulation that comes from being at the top. We all treat leaders with a higher level of respect, expectation, and responsibility. The by product of this, for the leader, is...

Increasing Leadership Effectiveness for Couples, video by Travis & Jaime Waits

The husband and wife team: Travis Waits and Jaime Waits, have a passion for equipping leadership couples to be authentic and effective, not only in their leadership role’s, but also in their couple relationships. Travis and Jaime share from their personal experience of...

Leading with vision to make an impact by Travis Waits

Leaders who have conviction about their vision are more likely to be successful at making the impact they are called to make. This is how you as a leader, fulfill your magnitude of mission. Travis Waits explains why holding to your leadership vision is crucial for growth. The old...

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