What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Vulnerability is a Key Ingredient Missing in Leadership Ethics by Travis Waits

Vulnerability is a Key Ingredient Missing from Leadership Ethics Leadership ethics speaks to the reflection of your character, morals, & integrity to the world – from the inside out. There is a ton of chatter lately about not only integrating sound ethical practice into...

Safeguarding the Impact of your leadership Influence by Travis Waits

Travis Waits talks about the impact we make as leaders from our influence. With all the pitfalls in the landscape of leadership today, it is critically important that you know how to safeguard your integrity and character that guides your leadership ethic. To do this...

Leading with vision to make an impact by Travis Waits

Leaders who have conviction about their vision are more likely to be successful at making the impact they are called to make. This is how you as a leader, fulfill your magnitude of mission. Travis Waits explains why holding to your leadership vision is crucial for growth. The old...

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