What's your Magnitude of Mission?

The Key Difference between a Champion and a Winner

With the historic marker of “The Big Game” (#SB50) approaching, there has been much discussion about the teams and players. One way or another, history will be made this Sunday, and a champion will be crowned.¬†Who will be the most prepared for the moment? What...

4 Ways to Overcome an Unproductive Day

Tips for leaders to overcome an unproductive day, and increase their productivity when it counts. Today I haven’t reached any of my goals I set out to do. I haven’t made any money. I haven’t made any sales calls. I haven’t closed any new contracts....

Gratitude for Disappointments and Painting the Lines…

Four years ago life was going very well. I had a thriving practice as a therapist, counseling people towards wholeness in their relationships with themselves and others. A new house, cars that didn’t break down, kids plugged into friends and community that they loved;...

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