What's your Magnitude of Mission?

The Authenticity Paradox of Restoring Yourself in Leadership

This was an exciting week for us! Following our 16 year wedding anniversary, my wife & I spent a few days with some key leaders in the Christian community. The purpose of our Roundtable discussion was to explore how to apply the biblical New Testament concept of...

The Problem with Repentance: Christian Leadership & The Gospel of Punishment, by Pastor Travis Waits

The Problem with Repentance: Christian Leadership & The Gospel of Punishment In our culture of church leadership today there is significant focus on “preaching the Gospel.” To be clear, this was the original mission that Jesus gave the church (see Mtt. 28:16ff)....

Authenticity versus the Armor of Leadership by Travis Waits

When leaders are called to make an impact, often one of the occupational hazards of their position is the insulation that comes from being at the top. We all treat leaders with a higher level of respect, expectation, and responsibility. The by product of this, for the leader, is...

Good Leaders Embrace Vulnerability

A good leader pays attention to their leadership ethics by doing their personal work on matters of character, integrity, and growth. Good leadership embraces the appropriate use of vulnerability as a skill that is learned. Vulnerability refines our character only when we choose...

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