What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Church As A Spiritual Hospital

I had a friend send me the following quote the other day:
 “People never really change very deeply until someone catches them in their shame… and is not appalled. Out of this place, where we have been loved in the midst of our shame, we come to know that we are worthy of love.” I...

3 Keys to Growth on the Leadership Road

For any successful athlete, learning to differentiate between being “hurt” and an “injury” is a key indicator and self-management skill to function at peak performance. An injury is something that impairs or prohibits performance. It’s physically not possible. Being hurt may...

The Key Difference between a Champion and a Winner

With the historic marker of “The Big Game” (#SB50) approaching, there has been much discussion about the teams and players. One way or another, history will be made this Sunday, and a champion will be crowned. Who will be the most prepared for the moment? What...

Are you hurt or injured? Leadership skills that empower growth

How a leader handles pain will tell you a lot about them. A key quality of a good leader is the ability to differentiate needs and model leadership skills which empower growth. When leaders fall from grace, it is important to understand why. Just the nature of any...

Living a Story of Your Life Worth Telling

Living with purpose is what I want the story of my life to speak. I hope I am living a life story worth telling. Two weeks ago I was strapped to a polygraph machine. That’s a “lie detector” machine for those of you not familiar with that. The main theme of the story I want to...

The MYTH of Authenticity

The Myth of Authenticity I spend a lot of time with people talking about the topic of “authenticity.” What I’ve noticed is that we say we value this trait/skill from the front of the room, yet we rarely practice authenticity in the back of the room. If we really...

The Gravity of Dignity

That Gravity of Dignity from Leaders When Dan Price, C.E.O. of Gravity Payments, surprised his 120-person staff by announcing that he planned to raise the salary of every employee to $70,000 a year — he did something innovative in the field of leadership that has been...

The Unexpected: Sometimes your Blog Post Goes Viral, by Travis Waits

How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Post So It Goes Viral, by Travis Waits. Here’s what I did, I think, helped my LinkedIn blog post get picked up by LinkedIn Pulse and go viral! I totally wasn’t trying to make this happen originally, but in under two days I’ve...

4 Ways to Overcome an Unproductive Day

Tips for leaders to overcome an unproductive day, and increase their productivity when it counts. Today I haven’t reached any of my goals I set out to do. I haven’t made any money. I haven’t made any sales calls. I haven’t closed any new contracts....

Leaders Keep the faith when the rest have lost it

For leaders who desire to make great impact, they will experience bumps and hurdles along the road to fulfilling their vision. It’s not a straight line on the road of “success.” Your ability to bounce can be something that sets you apart from others, as a...

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