What's your Magnitude of Mission?
Co-opetition frees us to empower one another

How to Compete for Your Target Clients Leveraging Co-opetition, by Travis Waits

How to Compete for Your Target¬†Clients leveraging Co-opetition Co-opetition is the basic concept behind the “all tides rise all boats”¬†mantra that if we link arms together, we will have a more profound impact than what either of us could have individually...


My pastor today preached on something I have become very familiar with over the past few years – Trust. Specifically, trusting God above our circumstances. This has been an area that I have been living, with so much change, so many hard days, so many consequences I...

Titles and Positions, by former therapist Travis Waits

Former therapist Travis Waits shares about false allegations Through my professional journey I have held many titles: first as a pastor, then a licensed professional counselor, and finally as a licensed marriage & family therapist. For a time I allowed these titles to cloud...

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