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Titles and Positions, by former therapist Travis Waits

Former therapist Travis Waits shares about false allegations

Through my professional journey I have held many titles: first as a pastor, then a licensed professional counselor, and finally as a licensed marriage & family therapist. For a time I allowed these titles to cloud the view of myself, so that I was not authentic and vulnerable. I thought that to maintain the status of my position, I needed to keep my guard up, and not let anyone in. I refused to risk because I feared the reaction of others. My vision was clouded with too much focus on the expectations each of those positions demanded, and in pleasing others to uphold the image they had of me. It is never as bad as people think, but fear promotes all kinds of betrayal. I have resigned each of those titles in order to take responsibility — because that’s what real leaders do — they are accountable, regardless of the cost — even when life is not fair or just.


Former Oregon therapist Travis Waits shares about how false allegations impacted his business and personal life.

Regardless of what I say, or what I do, naysayers will continue to ascribe a past to me that is not true. Most choose to believe what they read online, and prescribe their own justification based on their standard. Most forget that allegations are merely that; they are not facts. For the few that have chosen to not believe, or listen to allegations of falsehood, I continue to be thankful. You truly do know who your friends are, on your worst day.

The cost has been high. Broken relationships; losses on so many levels. As honesty and transparency increased, so did the distance from friends, who turned to enemies on attack.


With courage and an amount of risk I thought I would never be able to survive, I am getting stronger.

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Authentic leadership dude, trusted strategist, people developer, Positive disruptor of the status quo!!!! Travis Waits has led in pastoral ministry for over 20 years and holds a Masters Degree from George Fox University. Travis serves as an Executive Pastor providing organizational development, strategy and systems leadership to pursue the church’s vision. Travis and his wife Jaime met at Multnomah Bible College and have been married for over 21 years. They have three kids ages 20, 18, 15 and enjoy many outdoor activities, including learning to golf :)

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