What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Travis Waits helps fellow leaders and pastors develop their character to a greater depth of courage and authenticity As a grace-filled truth tellerTravis Waits is disrupting the status quo of leadership to be more effective by creating leverage through a true model of authenticity, and courage in leadership. He empowers his clients to leverage who they are, to maximize the impact of what they do. 

God restores and makes all things new when we trust Him above our circumstance. Pastor Travis Waits serves full time in ministry as an Executive Pastor and has done so diligently sinceContinue Reading
Pastor Travis Waits teaches from the book of Matthew chapter 6. A marriage relationship message called “Seek God” week 1 of the healthy relationship series called, From This DayContinue Reading
Pastor Travis Waits teaches a Bible message titled the “Dark Night of the Soul” from the book of Mark 6:13-29 about the Beheading of John the Baptist. Part of the Adventurous Life With JesusContinue Reading
Travis & Jaime Waits share their passion for restoration and redemption in church ministry. As pastors they teach and minister to others on topics of redemption, hope, forgiveness, andContinue Reading
Your willingness to risk as a leader can be a transformative process. It requires strength and courage to be vulnerable. As you draw from your experience, strength, and hope you have the capacity to be "seen" as you are. This allows for a point of connection in relationships that is based on empathy, not on approval orContinue Reading
Pastor Travis & Jaime Waits preview some of the redemption story of their marriage, as they share together about their family crisis, hope, and grace that occurs when restoration isContinue Reading
Travis Waits uses his experience and expertise to come alongside pastors, leaders, and couples in ministry. He and his wife Jaime specialize in coaching leaders for restoration, reconciliation, forgiveness, and recovery for leadership couples needing wholehearted hope and strongContinue Reading
Travis Waits leverages his expertise in human psychology with his own experience of leadership re-alignment. Travis Waits explains the steps necessary to guide leaders towards authenticity in an ethical framework that isContinue Reading
Clarence connects with Travis Waits and explores living an authentic life while at work. Travis is an executive coach, a leadership optimization specialist, and authenticityContinue Reading
Great interview about authenticity in leadership by Travis Waits. It includes tips on how to develop a "leadership survival guide" so that leaders can be as effective in their personal lives as they areContinue Reading
Travis Waits is an Authenticity coach and pastor that trains leaders to optimize their leadership, empowering them to be more successful in their business profession and in their personal lives. Travis Waits delivers his training, speaking, and coaching to leaders near Denver Colorado, as well as virtual through online training all over theContinue Reading
Travis Waits has done the hard and courageous task of leveraging this negative experience, to help fellow leaders develop their character to greater depth and authenticity. Travis Waits models true authenticity, courage, and, as a grace filled truth teller, is disrupting the status quo of leadership to be moreContinue Reading

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