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Vulnerability: Developing your capacity to risk for your growth

myth-of-authenticity-travis-waitsThis eCourse on Vulnerability: Developing your Capacity to RISK for your growth is for anyone that wants to live a more authentic life. The trait of vulnerability is the weak link, and where most fail. Vulnerability is the capacity to be seen. Whether your trying to develop vulnerability in your leadership or just your everyday life and relationships.

Your capacity to risk impacts everything! 


Vulnerability is developed through risk. Most of us choose not to risk because it’s not safe! Vulnerability is the capacity to be seen. Now without courage, honesty, and accountability, we’ll never get to this. Vulnerability says this is me, the good the bad the ugly, and I don’t need your acceptance to feel ok, nor do I need your judgments. It just is what it is.

Too often, vulnerability is associated with weakness. Especially for the leader! This, is complete BS. True leadership actually requires embracing your weakness, because only then do you actually have the power to live by your values. When you function in alignment with who you are, not only are you more authentic, but free then to effectively lead others with your influence.


This course will challenge you personally and professionally.

This course will disrupt your current relationships.

This course will deepen your access to courage.

Your Growth is a Process

Growth requires consistent choices over time that match your behavior with your words with your commitments, to yourself and others. Be gentle with yourself in the process of this course!

Please select the first lesson below, engage with the questions, and journal responses in the comments section. When complete please click the “next” or “mark complete” button.

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