What's your Magnitude of Mission?

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Strengthen how you lead yourself, through vulnerability

Vulnerability is that:

exposing of self, the good, bad, and ugly of thoughts, emotions, behaviors…

without reservation to another human being. It is a true sign of differentiation, or being able to stand on your own two feet, be close, yet distinct from another.

Our capacity to trust directly relates to our capacity, or willingness to risk. Risk and trust are reciprocal processes in either a positive feedback loop, or a negative one. They reinforce each other.

Example: When leaders maintain their “armor” on, because either their position demands it, or they have become callous from the occupational hazards of leadership. Their effectiveness and impact is severely limited.

People want to relate to human beings, not human doings.

When out of authenticity I choose to be vulnerable with those in my world, it actually builds rapport, allegiance, and influence with others.

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