What's your Magnitude of Mission?

Good leaders rely on mentoring to provide strategy consulting for their continued professional growth and effectiveness. With a trusted advisor mentoring provides the context for productive growth.

Clients and colleagues of Travis Waits, Authenticity Coach for Executive leaders in Denver, Highlands Ranch, DTC, Centennial, Colorado

Lisa K., Ph.D. – Leadership Team, Organizational Development Consultant and Executive Coach,

I worked with Travis during the re-branding of my business. I had no idea what I was getting into! Travis gets knee deep with you in a process to bring you more in alignment with your authentic self. With genuine care, he asks meaningful and thoughtful questions, challenges you in your responses and supports you through what can be very uncomfortable. Ultimately, I am more centered and confident in who I am and the unique gifts I bring to world. Thank you Travis!

Tom R. – Leadership Coach & Barrett Values Centre Certified Culture Change Consultant

Getting started with a new business partner can be a rocky adventure, but Travis helped make my on-boarding experience very positive. He handled a wide variety of critical tasks in a consistent and reliable way. His role helped establish a bond of trust very quickly. You can count on Travis following through on his commitments while exceeding expectations in a humble and friendly manner.

Diane F. – Executive Coach, Trusted Advisor, Leadership Speaker

I had the opportunity to work with Travis at a time when my company was looking to grow in innovative ways. I hit the jackpot with Travis. He brings an incredible wealth of experience and has the unique gift of being able to be “in the weeds” with you on your business and see the long view all at the same time.

Travis is what I would describe as a true visionary. Not only will he build on your strengths and differentiate your business, you will enjoy the whole process along the way. I highly recommend partnering with Travis if you are looking to move from good to great.

Dr Sean – Performance Psychologist

The first thing that stood out for me in working with Travis was the combination of his professionalism and his commitment to producing a collaborative win. At all times, I felt that Travis had my interests at the forefront. He brings energy, commitment, and reliability to his work. I highly recommend working with Travis in any capacity. He will help you to achieve your goals!

Robert R. – Talk Show Host, Relationship Ambassador & Convergence Coach, Writer, Peacemaker

Travis is an intuitive advisor and friend. He has been a tremendous help to our organization. He has been able to provide strategic solutions to our business models that really helped us shift our focus to goals and priorities that lead us to greater impact and success. He is a wise servant to all who have the opportunity to work with him. I highly recommend him.

Diane M. – Lifesyle Coach, Mojo Maker, Catalyst Speaker

Travis is a force of nature to work with! He has the unique combination of seeing your vision and platform a few seconds before you do, and then supporting you all the way to make it a reality. Partnering with Travis was the best career move I could make to grow my business.


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