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Virtual Coaching

Remote Sessions When You Need Them

Virtual coaching is a great alternative to face-to-face coaching. Whether you live in a remote area, are unable to travel, or just feel safer staying in your own space, you can still benefit from a healthy coaching relationship.

What Is Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching utilizes software such as Skype, Fuze, or Google Hangouts. This is free software that makes it possible to place free calls, chats, and video conferences over the internet through your phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is an internet connection (usually high speed), a microphone and speakers for your computer, and a free Skype account. To find out more about Skype and to download the software.

Virtual Sessions

Even though virtual coaching is different from in office sessions, we treat the coaching process the same. We move slowly as trust in the coaching relationship grows. We will identify specific targets and create goals so we can measure change. And we will focus on creating a safe environment where you can face some of the more difficult parts of your life.
Virtual sessions can be conducted using just the phone call option or, if you have a web cam available, we can create a video chat so we can see each other. Sessions can be recorded and emailed to you for your records as well

Virtual Coaching Options

Option 1—50 minute sessions using audio only or video chats
Option 2—30 minute sessions using audio only or video chats
All Virtual sessions are pre-paid using an online payment form.

Scheduling An Appointment

If you feel you would benefit from Virtual coaching, please contact us so we can schedule a brief phone interview to discuss the details of your specific needs & goals.


Since so much of what is communicated happens non-verbally Virtual coaching may not be appropriate for some issues. Each person’s request for coaching will be considered on an individual basis.


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